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Arr! Have ye a nice day, son!

Okay, we all know there are secret documents called the “parents contract,” which specify the things Moms and Dads get to do to their children, in compensation for what they’re required to do for (and put up with from) their children. The compensatory benefits usually involve putting their kid on the spot in some way they cannot escape.

In the case of Moms, it’s pulling out the embarrassing photos and home videos for every new boyfriend or girlfriend their child brings home. For Dads, it often involves making the daughter’s new beau squirm like  worm on a hot plate.

But one father went above and beyond, to the point where they may have to name the “lovingly humiliate your kid” clause after him. During his son’s sophomore year of high school, American Fork, Utah father stood every school day outside and waved to his son’s bus as it passed. For 170 days. In costume:

“When he did it the first day, I was in shock,” Rain said. “It’s my first day of my sophomore year.”

The embarrassment was a thrill for his father.

The second day of school, there he was again, only this time Price was wearing a San Diego Chargers helmet and jersey. Day three, it was an Anakin Skywalker helmet, and the next day, swim trunks and a snorkel mask.

Other kids started to take note.

“Most of them like it, and we roll down our windows and wave. It’s fun,” Rain said.

His dad admits it took a lot of effort to keep it up, but said it was “a way of letting him know that we really care about him, but do something a little different.” He described it as “a father’s way” of saying I love you.

It ended up being a daily tradition for him, with a new costume each and every day.

“No recycling costumes, that’s the rule,” Price said. “I managed to adhere to that, and for better or for worse … we have some interesting costumes.”

Interesting, “or embarrassing,” according to Rain. He doesn’t plan on thanking his dad at all.

“I’m not going to reward him for this; his reward is seeing my embarrassment,” Rain said.

And just imagine what young Rain will do his children, when the time comes.

Well done, Dale Price, well done! 🙂

PS: Be sure to click through for the slide show. “Pirate Dad” was just the start…

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