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I do like it not to be break-dancing:

via NPR:

There should be a law that says food on a plate shouldn’t move.

Especially when you’re about to eat it.

But this food in the video below? It moves. Oh boy, does it move. And thereby hangs a tale.

(And before you watch, a warning: the squid you’re about to see is dead. Completely, totally dead, like a steak…and yet…)

Let me say this one more time, the squid (head removed, tentacles left on) was killed, like a lobster, just before the meal was served. If you eat animals, this squid died the way cows, fish and birds die; to feed us. Nothing especially cruel in that. But being dead, how come it “danced” off the plate?

Blame the soy sauce.

Follow the link above for more. More at Gawker.

And people wonder why I don’t like seafood — that’s because it turns undead and comes back to destroy us, you fools!

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