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I am weak…

Okay, I’ve wanted a new laptop for a while (Hey, my current one came new with Windows 98 SE. It almost needs its own wheelchair.), but I hate taking on debt, so, even though there were some good bargains out there, I kept telling myself “no.”

Well, that ended a few minutes ago, thanks to the combination of a $500-off online coupon and easy terms from the HP online store. (Bad economies are good for something, I guess, such as companies desperate to sell.) So, for (just) under $1,000 —including California’s godawful sales tax— I will soon be the happy owner of a 17″ laptop with HD screen, 8 GB ram, 750GB hard drive , 2gb ATI video card, and i7 quad-core processor. It also has a built-in camera and mic for video conferencing, so this should be… interesting. I bought a new desktop from them last April and, so far, it’s been almost perfect.  And fast. Fast is important to me.

It’s scheduled to ship the 29th, but HP typically ships early. And still I want it now, danggit. Oh, the pain of instant gratification denied…

Now I just have to think of a name for it.

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