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So, I’ve had an Apple iPod Touch for about two weeks now, having decided to treat myself to something after Christmas. I bought the 8gb “2nd generation” model. With Apple Care warranty (mandatory, according to Apple-savvy friends) and tax, it came to just over $300.

So far, I’ve been very happy with it. The sound quality is very good, and the flip-through feature for album covers is handy. (I wasn’t too impressed with it on Mac notebooks and desktops, but on a small screen like the iPod’s, it’s a good feature.)

I haven’t investigated the other applications much, yet, though the ones I’ve tried seem to be mostly “fluff:” cute programs that serve little purpose. Access to Google Maps is handy — if one is near an open wireless network at the time. Likewise with email. The notepad app can be useful, though the small pop-up keyboard takes some getting used to. It’s much better than other portable-device keypads I’ve tried, however. The games and social networking apps don’t impress me.

I’ve only encountered one technical glitch, so far: a couple of days ago, I found the volume symbol active on the screen and stuck at zero. The device wouldn’t let me turn it back up, nor could I make the symbol go away. Finally, I turned the iPod off and let it sit for a while; the problem was gone after I restarted it. This happened after a software update, so I wonder if Apple introduced a small bug. (Oh, no! Heaven forfend! Apple is perfect! –obligatory Cult of Apple Snark(tm))

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase and I’d recommend it to others. The only thing I need to get now is a case that clips onto my belt, since carrying it by hand or in a pocket is kind of clumsy.

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Metrosexual cool

I am now the proud owner of an iPod Touch. Next up, the black turtleneck. Cool


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