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This is a real news item:

Wrestling midgets killed by fake hookers

The world of Mexican midget wrestling is in mourning after two of its most famous stars were apparently poisoned by fake prostitutes.

Brothers in armlocks Alberto and Alejandro Pérez Jiménez were found dead in a hotel room after being drugged and robbed.

The women who spiked the twins’ drinks are thought to be members of an organised crime gang who pose as prostitutes to attract victims.

They normally just knock out their victims but the dose proved too much for Alberto – aka ‘La Parkita’ (Little Death) and Alejandro – aka ‘Espectrito II’.

The 36-year-olds were veteran stars of the ‘Lucha Mini’ world of midget wrestling.

Click to see the wonderful accompanying picture.

As a friend said, “Thank God they were identified as fake hookers — heaven forbid a real hooker be implicated in such a crime!”

Okay, robbery and murder is not a joking matter… But this is!

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