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Here’s an absolutely fascinating video of female elephants coming to the rescue of a baby elephant trapped in a muddy pond and in danger of drowning:

(Click the image to go to the site for the video)

There are several fascinating items to note, here:

  1. The elephants cooperated in the rescue, first working together to try to pull and push the baby out of the water.
  2. I’d swear there were attempts to keep the toddler-elephant calm by touching it in reassurance.
  3. When the first attempts to rescue it didn’t work, the adults worked out a plan to guide it to a place where the shore didn’t seem so steep, and then one looks like it digs out a path to make the infant’s climb even easier. If they had hands with opposable thumbs, I’m certain they would have been using tools.

I may be guilty of anthropomorphizing, but that looked like a very high level of intelligence in action, there.

Oh and, once it was free, you know that baby elephant was catching an earful from mom: “What did I tell you about going too close to the edge, young man? No Animal Planet for you tonight!” 😉


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Samudra, the Oregon Zoo’s baby elephant, plays with his new toy:

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