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Brave Halfling is a small, independent publisher of some very nice products geared toward the Retro-D&D or “old-school gaming” movement.

But, for some reason, I keep thinking of them as “Bad Halfling.”

I don’t know why. Their private lives are their business, not mine….

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The site is linked in the sidebar to the right, but I wanted to promote Megadungeon.net as something special: a collaborative, volunteer-based design of of a large, ruined monastery and dungeon in the tradition of the early days of roleplaying games, especially Dungeons and Dragons. Even if you don’t play D&D, the maps are quite nice and easily ported to other games. There are some niceĀ new creatures, too.

Well done.

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I’ve wanted to pick up some spare copies of the Dungeons & Dragons Cyclopedia (1991), the compilation of the Basic Dungeons and Dragons game that was put out in five boxed-set booklets in the 1980s. Years later and after numerous versions and editions, I still think it’s the game’s best incarnation. But I didn’t think I’d need a line item in the recent Obama stimulus package to be able to afford it.

Time to haunt the used/bargain bins at game stores, I think.

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