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No magic moments for me

In case you were wondering what happened with that $10 lottery ticket I found, it was not a “movie moment.” There were ten picks out a total of 60 numbers on that ticket, and I hit …drum roll… four numbers. Le sigh.

At least I wasn’t the one who blew ten bucks on the ticket, however.

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Tonight I stopped by the market to buy some celery and my usual weekly Lottery tickets: one dollar for Tuesday night’s drawing and one for Wednesday’s. While waiting for my tickets to print, I saw a piece of paper in the dispenser: it was another ticket. Someone had bought ten dollars worth of picks for Tuesday and then forgot to take the ticket! There was no name on it and thus no way to determine who had paid for it, so…

Wouldn’t it be a kick if this turned out to be one of those movie moments?  Money Eyes

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