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Really. What is it with people at a zoo getting stupid with predators?

Man mauled after trying to have picnic with bear in Swiss zoo

A man was just moments away from death as he hung in the jaws of a bear he tried to have a picnic with in a Swiss zoo.

But in the end it was the bear who ended up fighting for his life after police shot it in order to save the life of the uninvited intruder into his enclosure.

These dramatic photographs were taken by a visitor to the Bern Park, Switzerland, on Sunday when Finn, a European brown bear aged four, suddenly realised the unwanted human guest in his home.

I’m not so sure about the “unwanted” part – Finn may have thought this fellow was the take-out he had ordered:

Now, where did I put the ketchup...

Sadly, the unnamed gentleman serving as a snack for Finn isn’t eligible for a Darwin Award; you’re not allowed to survive, if you want to win. Perhaps he’ll get an honorable mention, however. It was a good try.

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