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The Giant Rat of Sumatra lives….

Giant rat caught in China
A giant rat with one-inch-long teeth has been caught in the southern Chinese province of Fujian.

The rat, which weighed six pounds and had a 12-inch tail, was caught at the weekend in a residential area of Fuzhou, a city of six million people on China’s south coast.

The ratcatcher, who was only named as Mr Xian, said he swooped for the rodent after seeing a big crowd of people surrounding it on the street.

He told local Chinese newspapers that he thought the rat might be a valuable specimen, or a rare species, and had to muster up his courage before grabbing its tail and picking it up by the scruff of its neck.

“I did it, I caught a rat the size of a cat!” he shouted out afterwards, according to the reports. Mr Xian is believed to still be in possession of the animal, after stuffing into a bag and departing the scene.

Be sure to click through to see the picture. I think this would have most cats calling for reinforcements.

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Presenting the world’s ugliest animals.

I don’t agree with all the choices, but many do have faces that could break a mirror.

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Beware cuteness unleashed!

Baby animals at Zooborns.

All together now: Awwww!

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