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I had another heavy meal too late in the evening last night, and thus the acid-trip dreams returned.

In this episode, I find myself on a science fiction battlefield in a firefight (specifically in the Warhammer 40,000 universe), when I and a soldier I’m about to do battle with both discover we’re out of ammunition…

So naturally, the enemy soldier (who turned out to be my friend Jeff from Canada) and I start discussing the wonders of… Alton Brown.

With a battle still raging all around us.


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I have the strangest dreams when I eat a heavy meal late in the evening. While I only remember the tail end of last night’s, that part was weird enough:

I’m boarding a bus in a dream version of west Los Angeles (in other words, I know it’s LA, but the streets don’t look right) and, while riding east along a curvy Wilshire Blvd., we pass the Federal Building where a large anti-AIDS sit-in is taking place. I note to myself that all the protesters are wearing diapers and then continue eating my bowl of coffee ice-cream mixed with… cheese scooped into balls with an ice-cream scoop. I think it may have been Velveeta.


Freud and Jung would have a field day with this one, I’m sure. 😛

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