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Because, you never know, he might have anger management issues:

The price of the Beefy Crunch Burrito had gone up from 99 cents to $1.49 and the man at the Rigsby Road Taco Bell drive-thru had just ordered seven.

The fast food customer was so disgruntled by the price hike he shot an air gun at the manager, displayed a semiautomatic assault rifle and pistol while in the restaurant’s parking lot, fled as police were called, exchanged gunfire with three officers who pulled him over, then barricaded himself in his hotel room โ€” all over $3.50 plus additional tax.

The final incident in the burrito-triggered spree happened Sunday afternoon at the Rodeway Inn on North W.W. White Road, engaging SWAT negotiators in a more than three-hour standoff, according to officials and witnesses.

The man, whose name was not released because he had not been charged, faces three attempted capital murder charges for the exchange of gunfire with police plus possible other charges, said police spokesman Sgt. Chris Benavides. No one was injured in the incident.

Don’t these people get it? It’s the principle of the thing! We’re talking a Beefy Crunch Burrito, here! How much torment must a man endure, before it becomes too much?

I wonder if we’ll be seeing articles about “burrito rage,” soon?


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Haggis-flavored potato chips:

Scotland’s national delicacy, haggis, will soon be available to American snack hounds in potato chip form, a North Carolina importer said.

Great Scot International announced this week it would have Mackie’s Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper chips on display at its booth at the annual Fancy Food Show in New York next month.

“We know that flavors with a Scottish twist are popular because Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper is our best-selling flavor,” Kirstin Mackie, managing director of Mackie’s, said in a written statement.

I think I just lost 1d4 SAN, no roll needed.

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I hope everyone has a fine day today. And just to show that Turkey Day is a holiday for everyone, even the big cats of Big Cat Rescue get their helping of bird:

Somehow, I don’t think there will be many leftovers tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I had another heavy meal too late in the evening last night, and thus the acid-trip dreams returned.

In this episode, I find myself on a science fiction battlefield in a firefight (specifically in the Warhammer 40,000 universe), when I and a soldier I’m about to do battle with both discover we’re out of ammunition…

So naturally, the enemy soldier (who turned out to be my friend Jeff from Canada) and I start discussing the wonders of… Alton Brown.

With a battle still raging all around us.


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Live crab vending machines.

You know you want it.

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I have the strangest dreams when I eat a heavy meal late in the evening. While I only remember the tail end of last night’s, that part was weird enough:

I’m boarding a bus in a dream version of west Los Angeles (in other words, I know it’s LA, but the streets don’t look right) and, while riding east along a curvy Wilshire Blvd., we pass the Federal Building where a large anti-AIDS sit-in is taking place. I note to myself that all the protesters are wearing diapers and then continue eating my bowl of coffee ice-cream mixed with… cheese scooped into balls with an ice-cream scoop. I think it may have been Velveeta.


Freud and Jung would have a field day with this one, I’m sure. ๐Ÿ˜›

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Obviously, this feline was napping during the “you have sharp claws and teeth” lecture. First, lunch on two legs walks right past him, and then lunch steals his lunch!

You have to admit, the looks between the two are priceless. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Straight out of some post-apocalyptic fantasy movie. All it needs is fire coming from the snout.

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Not the country, though I’m sure it’s a fine place to visit, but the peppers so beloved in many cuisines around the world…

…and in my own kitchen. Sometimes, though, that pretty pepper you picked up at the local farmer’s market might be a bit hotter than you expected:

So here’s a handy-dandy listing chiles from the utterly wimpy to those that qualify as WMDs:

Let’s place safe in the kitchen, okay?

(source: About.com.)

LINKS: About the Scoville scale. How to cool the burn.)

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Twenty secrets some of which your waiter would perhaps rather you not know.

One example:

5. When I was at one bakery restaurant, they used to make this really yummy peach cobbler in a big tray. A lot of times, servers donโ€™t have time to eat. So we all kept a fork in our aprons, and as we cruised through the kitchen, weโ€™d stick our fork in the cobbler and take a bite. Weโ€™d use the same fork each time.
โ€”Kathy Kniss

(hat tip: Instapundit)

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Oh, dear. Maybe these people should eat out next year:

For seven more “how not to deep-fry a turkey” videos, visit Eat Me Daily.

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I haven’t watched this in a couple of years, but tuned in tonight for two episodes: Battle Corn and Battle Duck. Sadly, both featured Iron Chef Bobby Flay, whom I detest. Oh, his recipes look great, but whenever I see and especially hear him, I develop this urge to smack him until he cries. He just comes across as such a whiny punk. (We’re talking TV personae here. He may be a great guy in person.)

Battle Corn was an “eh” struggle for me. I rooted for the challenger on principle (Down with Flay!), but the dishes didn’t thrill me. Particularly when they broke out the sea-urchin roe. Blech. ๐Ÿ˜›

Battle Duck (from 2005), on the other hand, was a great fight featuring an ingredient I love. Duck simply isn’t served enough in America. Both chefs made mouth-watering dishes, but Chef Ming-Tsai happily won.

Both episodes, however, paled in light of the memories of the original Japanese Iron Chef, which was a bizarre, marvelous mix of elite cuisine, and Japanese pop culture and national pride.ย  What an odd, wonderful, and engrossing show that was.

Allez cuisine!

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April is National Grilled Cheese Month.

And that sounds rather tasty right about now…

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And then there are tragedies: Mother’s Cookies has gone out of business. I weep for lost innocence.

And my double-fudge cookies. Crying

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