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You’re sure to sleep well after looking at these:

"They're coming for you..."

“They’re coming for you…”


Here’s an excerpt from the Wired article:

It can be hard to take your eyes off a good GIF. Turns out, it can also be tough to take your eyes off a terrifying one.

In Oswra, a collection of GIFs by self-taught animator Hayden Zezula, we witness baby parts rearranged into all sorts of endlessly-looping abominations. A plaster-white baby head sits atop a churning cone of arms and hands. A dense cluster of legs marches nowhere at all, like a sea anemone with tiny feet instead of tentacles.

A couple of these convince me the artist is secretly a Yog-Sothoth cultist. And I bet the mutant babies work with the evil clowns.

Sweet dreams!

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A dragon made from car parts. Love it!

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Pulp adventure. Mysterious artifacts from the stars. Tibet. Nazis.

It’s all here, baby. And it’s real:

No, it isn’t the plot for the next Indiana Jones movie: According to a research paper published on the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science, scientists have discovered that an Iron Man sculpture found by a Nazi expedition in Tibet is of extraterrestrial origin.

The Nazi archeologists found the Iron Man in a remote region of Tibet and brought it to Germany in 1939, just before the start of World War II. It portrays a man in armor, with a clockwise swastika on his chest.

According to the paper—titled Buddha from space-An ancient object of art made of a Chinga iron meteorite fragment—the 23.3-pound (10.6-kilogram) “Iron Man” sculpture may represent “the Buddhist god Vaiśravana and might originate in the Bon culture of the eleventh century.” However, this is just one conjecture.


The only thing they are sure about is where it came from: space. In fact, as stated by the paper’s lead researcher Elmar Buchnher of the University of Stuttgart, “the Iron Man statue is the only known illustration of a human figure to be carved into a meteorite.”

Be sure to read the rest. And here’s the mystery object in question:

Proof of alien Nazi space gods!

This is just too cool for words. Now where’s my whip and fedora? 😀

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Oh, dear. Please tell me the chief of staff here isn’t named “Himmler.”

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In the late 19th century, the painter Seurat pioneered a school of art called "pointillism," using dots of paint to make a larger picture. In Ohio, American artist Christian Faur has done the same thing with crayons — not making dots with crayons, but using the crayons themselves as the "points."


Go view the slideshow at the link above — it’s neat!


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