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This little girl in Kyrgyzstan absolutely has to grow up to be a great conductor — she has all the moves down. The setting was a Baptist church, perhaps during choir practice. Just watch:

From the article at Kloop, which I gather is a Kyrgyz site. Translation by Google:

The video sealed, like a little girl conducting the choir at a Baptist church in Bishkek. Child won the hearts of American viewers who were amazed by her improvisation.

Video for this moment gathered over half a million views on the popular video service YouTube, and its heroine – a little girl – hit the U.S. media.

About her story made ​​TV channel NBC (where the leading could not pronounce the name of the country) and wrote popular blogs in the world , “Huffington Post” and “Gouker”  (“Gawker”). 

“Despite her age, she conducts with passion and drama that you may have never seen,” – writes in his article “The Huffington Post”.

What a charmer. If she doesn’t go to musics school, it will be a crime.

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