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Off on a beer run...

Off on a beer run…

The only thing  that could top this would be a return of the Florida face-eaters:

A feral pig ransacked a campsite and drank at least 18 cans cans of beer before getting into an altercation with a cow in Australia.

The incident, which happened in a remote area of Western Australia at the DeGray River rest area, prompted officials to warn campers to keep their food and alcohol secure.

The wild pig was seen around the campsite for several days last week, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation(ABC) reported, citing officials who said the animal got into multiple six-packs of beer over the course of a few days.

You sure this wasn’t a frat boy on holiday? Best line of all:

Findley told ABC that that her crews are not equipped to deal with wild pigs, especially if they are drunk.

Yeah. Talk about “mean drunks.”

Come to think of it, a wild pig with a hangover must be a real peach to deal with, too.

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