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Oh, this had me laughing. If you’ve ever heard the original or dealt with toddlers –or both– this one’s for you:

via Moe Lane

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Now, if only it could shoot electric bolts from its tip. Maybe in version 2.0…

Proof that anything you can imagine in D&D can be made reality?

Just don’t volunteer to be a test-dummy for it:


(But I still want one!)

via io9

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“Buzzsaw shark” was real:


This is an artist’s recreation of Helicoprion, a 270-million year old shark that roamed the ocean preying on other marine life WITH ITS FULL 360-DEGREE SPIRAL BUZZSAW OF TEETH. Now? Now it’s extinct except for in our nightmares starting tonight.

I so want a secret base guarded by a swarm of these. Infiltrate that, Mr. Bond!

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Another great moment from the wonder that is Japanese TV:

The production meetings for this must’ve been so much fun. “Okay, our hero is fighting a Nazi alien in a Hitler mask… Oh! And he’s also a humanoid starfish!”  😀

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