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The happy couple.

The happy couple.

We ain’t got nuthin’ on the Big Apple. I mean how can you top a fireman with a pre-op tranny prostitute “girlfriend,” both of whom had been accused and acquitted of strangling other transsexuals, including the girlfriend’s transsexual pimp?

Now they’ve both been acquitted of throttling transsexuals.

Kinky FDNY hunk Taylor Murphy, who successfully fought off felony strangulation charges brought by his jealous, blond, pre-op transsexual ex-girlfriend, is now dating another woman wannabe with a far more serious strangulation on her rap sheet.

Brunette pre-op transsexual Wanda Batista, 32, was all smiling and supportive of Murphy as she walked arm-in-arm with him at Manhattan Supreme Court last week, batting her eyelashes and calling him her “giant teddy bear.”

But in December 2004, the towering Batista was tried on charges she had fatally choked her transsexual pimp — and in a bizarre karmic twist, Batista was acquitted by a Brooklyn jury, just as her beefy fireman would be in Manhattan eight years later.

We in the Golden State are going to have to bring our A-game to beat this. Thankfully, we have San Francisco on our side.

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