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Posting pictures of her in sexy lingerie on your wedding night is quite another

They’ve just got married in an epic three-day event dubbed ‘Wedfest’.

And it would seem Chris O’Dowd is keen to show the world just how lucky he is in having the gorgeous Dawn Porter as his wife.

The Bridesmaids actor treated his 186,000 Twitter followers to a saucy snap of the 33-year-old journalist looking super-sexy in satin and lace underwear.

And just because I’m a tease:

dawn porter

You can visit the article for the rest, you lecher. (Whistles innocently…)

And, no, she wasn’t happy:

She joked on her Twitter page: ‘That wasn’t the wedding photo I was planning to release. #husbands!!!!’

“Joked?” Yeah, right. Him sleeping on the couch that night was her idea of a prank, too, I bet.

Meanwhile… Do you think she has a sister at home?

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