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Forget George Romero. This is going full-blown Cthulhu:

Swedish professor ‘cuts off wife’s lips and eats them’

A Swedish professor cut off his much younger wife’s lips with a knife and ate them because he believed she was having an affair, according to a report.

Swedish daily Aftonbladet said the unidentified man, an associate professor at Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska Institute, is behind held in police custody on suspicion of attempted murder.

“He cut off her lips and ate them,” a source close to the case told the Swedish newspaper, according to Agence France-Presse. “He doesn’t seem to regret anything. He thinks she is the one who has offended him.”

I’ve heard of Swedish Fish, but “Swedish lips?”

Sadly, his bride may not recover from the damage. Can you imagine the reconstructive surgery needed? At least he didn’t eat her face.

And you’ll no doubt be surprised to learn the professor was ordered into a psychiatric evaluation. The fools. Lovecraftian ghouls aren’t bound by our feeble notions of sanity.

Or maybe it’s the tcho-tcho people, instead…

h/t to Political Math

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