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Lego ultra-violence. Love it!

Via Allahpundit.

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Haggis-flavored potato chips:

Scotland’s national delicacy, haggis, will soon be available to American snack hounds in potato chip form, a North Carolina importer said.

Great Scot International announced this week it would have Mackie’s Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper chips on display at its booth at the annual Fancy Food Show in New York next month.

“We know that flavors with a Scottish twist are popular because Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper is our best-selling flavor,” Kirstin Mackie, managing director of Mackie’s, said in a written statement.

I think I just lost 1d4 SAN, no roll needed.

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I’m still a game-o-holic

That must be the explanation. Otherwise, why would I have bought a copy of the new, revised Swords and Wizardry, when, if I do ever run a class-and-level FRPG, it’s likely to be with Labyrinth Lord or the Cyclopedia version of D&D? And, beyond that, if I ever run an FRPG again at all, it will most likely be with Chaosium’s BRP rules?

Because… Because it was new and shiny, and I was curious and… and… and…

Because my name is Anthony, and I am a game-o-holic. I weep.

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