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I never watched Lost, never had a desire to and, from what I’ve heard from others who did watch, I think I’m glad I stayed away. But, in honor of last night’s series finale, I can’t resist sharing this:

Heh. 🙂

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On eBay someone has offered a reasonably complete, good-condition copy of the first edition of Chaosium’s Stormbringer game. It’s a game I enjoyed and I’d like to collect the various editions of it, much as I would like to collect the various editions of Call of Cthulhu. So, I made what was for me a large offer and, for a couple of days, I was the only bidder.

This morning some rat outbid me. 😦

Okay, okay. I’m not owed anything.  It’s an open auction and anyone can bid, but I just hate it when someone comes along who either has deeper pockets or is less responsible with their money than I.

Yes, I’m pouting.

The question is, is this something I want to be irresponsible about, too? If it were a 1st edition Call of Cthulhu, probably yes. But, for Stormbringer, much as I liked it? Probably not.


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