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That Jack in the Box commercial featuring the two infantile businessmen in strollers has got to go. What idiot thought this would make me want to buy their food?

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Sigh. I just pulled another dead panda cory out of my aquarium. Over the last two-three months, seven out of the nine I’ve bought* have died. That’s it. For whatever reason, poor care on my part or weak stock or something else, I just can’t keep these pretty little critters alive. Not only is it a waste of money, but it makes me feel bad as a fish-keeper — I feel sometimes as if they’d have been better off if I left them in the store.

So, no more Pandas. Not for now. The whole point of that tank was to house a pet betta, and it’s been almost three months since Rocky T. Betta died. Tomorrow I’ll get another, and hopefully he’ll last longer than three months.

Some aquarist I am.  Sad

*(Over three batches as replacements for ones that have died.)

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Boo on the NFL

Well, what do you know? Opening day of the football season, yet the NFL doesn’t care if fans on the West Coast get to see the first half of the game.

Or am I the only fellow here who works until 5:00 PM?

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