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Well, scratch that idea

So, I’d settled on buying the MacBook Pro. After emailing back and forth with some friends about the differences in the interface and working in a mixed WinXP/OSX environment, I decided it was worth the extra money. What finally settled it for me was remembering the increasingly invasive Microsoft “rights management” crap – I just didn’t want to deal with that.

Happily, my credit union approved my original loan request and then said that increasing it by a few hundred would be no problem. And it would make a nice tax deduction – added benefit!

That’s when life peed in my beer.

They would only give me the loan for a two-year term, making the payments too high. Given that I have excellent credit (Really, you can’t get a credit score much higher than mine.), I don’t understand why the short term. But that’s the way it is, and thus I won’t be buying a new laptop.

I hate it when reality gets in the way.

Ah, well.

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