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I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of pain, recently. First is my upper left arm, where the muscles act as if they’ve been punched if I move them a way they don’t like — which is most ways, the last few days. Massaging it doesn’t help. I’ve also been suffering with a tender/tight Achilles tendon in my left leg, which can leave me limping for a few minutes until it stretches and relaxes — which it sometimes doesn’t do.

So, I’m going to see an acupuncturist on Friday morning. I did this once before, one-two years ago, when I was going through similar pain in my right arm. The improvement was amazing, even if I did for a while look like a relative of Pinhead from Hellraiser.

My encounter with traditional Chinese medicine last time was fascinating, so I’m actually looking forward to this visit.

Bring on the needles.

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