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Poor little fellah

I came home tonight planning to do a water change on the 10-gallon aquarium and saw that one of the panda cories, which I bought last weekend, was on his side barely moving. Not a good sign. I think this is the one I noticed last night with a pinched stomach, indicative of not eating and a sign of starvation. Perhaps he was in bad shape when I bought him; perhaps it’s poor care on my part. I don’t know. But it’s frustrating losing so quickly even a tiny life we take responsibility for. Sad

On the positive side, the other four are foraging for food and seem to be eating. Tonight I fed them shrimp pellets, broken up so they could get some before the shrimp could steal them all. (Yes, shrimp eat their own! Soylent Shrimp! Skull )

UPDATE: Found him dead this morning, but the others seem fine. Fingers crossed….

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