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I think I’ve hit the dream of every high-school student: since I have to do homework, at least let it be watching TV.

Hey, if one wants to be a working television writer, then watching TV shows is de rigeur. My partner and I are following several shows: Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, The Closer, Cold Case, and Supernatural. Tonight’s study involves watching Supernatural, the last two episodes of the most recent season. How will they save Dean’s soul from the fires of Perdition?

Man, school is rough.

By The By: It looks like we’ll have to wait until next season to see how Dean get his … soul out of the fire. Maybe a crossover with Reaper?

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Last night I was twice woken by noisy neighbors: the first at 2:30 AM, when a group of women decided they had to carry on their loud conversation (Which included telling each other “shut up” several times. Good advice.) in the apartment courtyard, and then again three hours later, when the neighbors below elected to share their taste in rock with us.

Common courtesy, like chivalry, may not be dead, but surely it lies bleeding in the gutter.

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